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Client Testimonials

January 2014
My dog loves it here and can't wait to get inside when I drop him off. Grooming does a great job with my drama king!
Joyce B. with Louie

February 2014
I love that the staff LOVE my Otto and spoil him while he's there for doggie daycare. Also, Amanda does the MOST AMAZING job of cutting his nails…anyone with a dog with thick black nails can appreciate that one.
Jill H. with Otto

March 2014
"My dogs had a great time swimming at K-9 Swim and Trim!! Thank you Dr. Barbara Fuglsang! This is an awesome way for dogs to lose weight or exercise without putting pressure on their joints. I highly recommend this!!
Kari T.

August 2014
This facility is so wonderful! The owner and staff are such great people. They care so much about others dogs and I really feel my dog is safe and in good hands.
Monica S.

September 2014
My dog had his first appointment today and it was a grooming with a bath. They did a great job and hasn't smelled better! Great job Amanda! Carolyn was a great receptionist! Very polite and friendly. Thanks for caring for my Dirks!! We will definitely come back!!
Robin S.

November 2013
Each staff member I encountered was friendly and professional and the facilities were very clean. I felt good about leaving my dog here! Their groomer was outstanding, and left my mini schnauzer looking clean and feeling happy. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend The Dog Spot to any dog owner in the west burbs! It really is a "one stop shop" for all of your dog's needs.
Rachel M.

November 2013
Really enjoy the puppy play time on Sundays and decided to try it out for daycare to keep our young pup socialized.. She had an amazing time!! I loved being able to watch her on the camera (which I did a lot of since it was her first day) playing and getting lots of energy out!! She came home exhausted and snuggly! Can't wait to take her again!!
Rachel D.

August 6, 2013
My girls, Patch and Panda, have been attending day care as well as boarding with The Dog Spot and absolutely love it! In fact, Patch may be one of the founding group of dogs as she has been going there almost since they opened their doors! I never worry when I am out of town for any length of time that they are not being taken care of. And any time that there has been any issue, the staff is always very responsive and the girls are the priority. Patch and Panda love being there almost as much as they love being at home with us! Thank you to everyone for loving them almost as much as we do!
Sandra P. (client since 2007)

August 10, 2013
I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Dog Spot is for my favorite friend. Dillon could not be more loved from the moment he trots into the doorway to greet Kathy at the desk. He could spend his time with her at the front desk as she is always ready to greet him and love him up. Then he gets to go to the back and is watched over so carefully and lovingly by his caretakers. I don't want to leave anyone out but I usually see DeeDee, Hali and Bree who are giving him hugs and kisses and he loves that! I really am thankful for this facility and know that they are watching all the dogs so carefully to ensure a good time by all so they can come home to give us an easy evening! Thank you.
Deb and Dillon M.

August 13, 2013
We having been using the Dog Spot since it opened 8 years ago. Sam is happy and always very excited to go to visit his furry friends. Everyone is super friendly and gives the dogs superior care. We love to watch him on the webcams while we are away seeing him have a vacation with all hes doggie friends. It is nice to know that Sam is in the best care with all the wonderful staff at the Dog Spot. Sam the Man LOVES YOU ALL!!!! Thanks for everything.
"Sam the Man" and his Family

February 13, 2011
I brought Tommy in for his first grooming on 11/21/10. Even though he is 2 years old, he never had a bath or his nails clipped. He spent his life in a cage in a cold garage with no windows. My daughter rescued him by threatening to call animal cruelty. He was malnourished and cowered when looked at. The Dog Spot treated him with such kindness that when I came to pick him up he was strutting as if to say - look at me. Thank you so very very much.
Kathy R.

January 19, 2010
Hi my name is Bryan. I have a boxer named Ollie. Ollie is 8 years old and until this weekend, Sunday 1-17-2010, Ollie has never been to a groomer. That's because I have always taken care of his grooming needs. I like to think that I do a good job too. Well to shorten this story up I have not had time because of work and family obligations to spend grooming Ollie. The hair has been driving me crazy. So Sunday I decided to take a drive to find a groomer, came across you guys (who were open on Sunday : - ) and stopped in. The staff at the Dog Spot were great to Ollie and I right out the shoot. Great prices too. Ollie looks better than ever. 10 times better than when I do it & I will 100% be coming back and telling all of my friends and family about you guys. This is the place to bring your pets. Thanks Dog Spot.
Bryan D.

May 18, 2010
To The Dog Spot Team,
I brought my dog Wrigley in for grooming last weekend. We have been in for daycare, and he loves it, but this was our first time for grooming. I was worried because we had a bad experience several months ago (a groomer had cut his paw while trimming his nails) and since then I had taken him twice to get his nails trimmed and bathed and both times they said that he was aggressive. I was afraid that this was going to be an ongoing issue and could only imagine the trouble we would have with a full grooming.
Everyone at The Dog Spot was very helpful. Shelley was amazing and put both Wrigley and me at ease. I was thrilled with the grooming! I wanted to say, once again, how much the service and TLC of Wrigley was appreciated. We will be back and will continue to share our positive experiences at The Dog Spot with all of our friends.
Much appreciated, Shana A.

July 27, 2010
I had Trixie in yesterday for her grooming. She had a bath and everything and I wanted to let you know that when she came home I thought she looked just beautiful. She was just my concept of what a perfect poodle should look like and you just did a good job and I wanted to thank you. She just looks so beautiful, so thank you again and I'll see you in about a month.

February 26, 2009
To all the wonderful Dog Spot Staff -
I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all your hard work and dedication! When my work life got turned upside down I was able to count on you to give Audrey & Bart all the exercise & attention I wasn't able to. You deal with Bart's silly behaviors like he was one of your own kids. Thank you so much for all that you do!!!
Ellen H. All Creatures Great & Small Vet Employee

June 30, 2009
We had our 3 dogs "Romeo", "Juliet", & "Rusty",
today in your facility for grooming for the first time and we cannot tell you
how pleased we were with the excellent work your Groomer did on our dogs. She
is a true artist and we will definitely be back!! Thank you!!!
Lisa G

June 20, 2008
THE DOG SPOT IS GREAT by the Kaufmans

Bow! Wow! The Dog Spot is GREAT! We love your spirit, your smiles, and your glee: When our poodle stays at your place His health is superb and his spirit is free.

Bow! Wow! The Dog Spot is GREAT! We walk in the door, leash and pooch in hand, You're friendly with knowledge and care. The service we get is the best in the land.

Bow! Wow! The Dog Spot is GREAT! You're there! You never hesitate. When we need tips, daycare and boarding We'll always have a date.

Bow! Wow! The Dog Spot is GREAT! We Love you guys a lot! You understand our pet's quirks and ours, too. For us you'll ALWAYS be the one, the only DOG SPOT.

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