Dogtopia of Downers Grove  -  909 Ogden Avenue  -  Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

About the Owners

Kris & Scott Modica, plus their entire family have been pet advocates and volunteers their entire lives.  We finally are fulfilling our dreams to service pet owners in the greater chicagoland area.  We purchased the first Dogtopia franchise in IL.  We own three (3) Dogtopia franchises and have committed to renovating La Grange, Downers Grove and a third location to be located in Naperville, IL.  La Grange is now open and Downers Grove will begin its transformation in April 2018.  Our goal is "To enhance the joy of dog parenthood and enable our dogs to positively change our world in the Western Suburbs of Chicago!"

Dogtopia is the leading national provider of dog daycare services in the U.S. It enjoys three differentiators from competitors. First, pet parents place pet safety as their first-priority and Dogtopia takes measures to secure and maintain pet parent trust. Facilities are striking in design and maintenance. One feels as if they are walking into a modern professional office or salon when entering Dogtopia. The end-result is that no part of the facility smells of dog and no dog noise can be heard from the reception area. Additionally, airborne illnesses and diseases, like kennel cough, are eliminated through the air filtration system which is upgraded with UV light to kill airborne pathogens. Our Canine Coaches remain with the dogs in play areas at all times to provide a safe, structured play environment and to work with the dogs on social skills. The second differentiating factor is Dogtopia’s commitment to transparency. In order to provide the highest level of transparency in terms of pet care, live streaming of all play rooms and outdoor play areas are available to pet parents during operating hours for viewing. This feature is very popular, and on average Dogtopia pet parents watch the video feeds of their furry children 13 minutes a day. In addition to the live streaming, Dogtopia does not restrict tours of the facility to potential pet parents who would like to have their furry children come visit for an evaluation. We prefer to set an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome at any time, except nap time (12-2 PM daily). Dogtopia is proud of every aspect of our facilities and have nothing to hide or need to prep for tours. The final differentiating factor is Dogtopia’s convenience play. Most daycare and boarding facilities are in rural, industrial or commercial areas. Dogtopia’s are in neighborhood retail shopping centers and/or on highly trafficked commuter routes. The pet parent arrives in the morning in front of the store, which is conveniently located in their community, and is greeted by a Dogtopian who takes their dog. During the day, our social media teams will send updates on how their furry child is doing and may also send photos of special events their furry child has participated in during the day. On the way home from work or shopping the pet parent comes into the store to receive his/her dog and a detailed report on the day’s activities.







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