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About the Owner


Owner & operator Lisa Dwyer-Edison, a long-time animal lover and advocate, created The Dog Spot in 2005 in response to the growing need for a professionally managed doggie daycare and boarding facility.

Lisa has always had a great love for dogs, however, it was when she met a Jack Russell Terrier named Emma that she discovered her unique connection with dogs. Through Emma, Lisa discovered the incredible depth of the human and animal bond. She was determined to pursue a career developing and understanding that relationship as well as improving the quality of life for as many dogs as possible.

Lisa is a dedicated, loving mother of four, responsible, caring dog owner and runs The Dog Spot Pet Resort hands-on to personally ensure the quality of the services and facility are nothing but the best for all the guests. Lisa feels that the most successful small businesses are those operating with a hands on owner. A truly active member of The Dog Spot Team, Lisa works throughout the facility and truly enjoys all aspects of her career from customer relations when working at the reception desk, to caring for the daycare and boarding guests, dog swimming as a Canine Lifeguard, cleaning and sanitizing, to business development & facility management.



Lisa's Dogs:
Emma (JRT), Wrigley (Choc. Lab), Loda (Red Lab) 
& Layla (Beagle Mix)

Through extensive research and hands on experience, Lisa has gained in depth knowledge through working with current clients, trainers, studying books, magazines, news articles, as well as attending personal training classes, the ABKA certification training, seminars and conventions. Lisa has attended seminars throughout the years covering the following topics:

  • Pet Trends & Client Focused Business with Christine Merle DVM, MBA, CVPM
  • Dog To Dog Introductions with Robin Bennett
  • Reading & Reacting with Positive Training with Pamela Dennison
  • Pack Behavior & You with Nana Will
  • Employee Issues & Worksite Safety with Jeff DeLoach, CEO
  • Veterinary Relationships & the Vaccine Controversy with Christine Merle DVM, MBA, CVPM
  • What if the Bark Isn't Worse than Bite? with Shannon Heggem
  • Minimal Mental Health Guidelines for Kenneled Dogs with Ian Dunbar, PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT
  • Training Staff on Off-Leash Dog Play, The Importance of Leadership & Recognizing Stress Behavior with Susan Briggs, CKO and Robin Bennett, CPDT
  • Ways to Reward Employees with Bob Nelson, PhD
  • Marketing Musts in 2010 with Market Hardware CEO Brian Kraff
  • Don't Let Dog Flu Interfere with Their Fun with Randy C. Lynn
  • Pet First Aid/CPR Certification with the American Red Cross
  • Water Safety Education for Parents and Caregivers

Lisa continuously works to bring quality petcare service options to you and your dog. 

With many families having long workdays and many hours away from home, pet owners will feel comforted knowing that love, socialization, interaction and exercise are being provided to their furry family members all day every day.

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