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Dog Exercise Pool-Indoor



Swimming offers wonderful benefits for your dog. The combination of a low impact exercise plus fun & play in the water provides your pup a fantastic balance of mind, body and nature.

The Dogtopia Indoor Dog Pool is heated to 80-88 degrees. The warmer temperature is beneficial for arthritic conditions and allows muscles to relax as well as increases blood flow. Add Pre or Post swim Massage Therapy to your session for an additional charge.

We provide all pool toys, safety swimming vests for every dog (with optional face guard) and all dogs are blow dried following their swim. Swimmers that come two or more times a week automatically receive an additional coat conditioner (complimentary) to help keep their coat and skin healthy.

Our Canine Lifeguards will provide supervised swimming sessions to each dog. Group swims as well as private swims are available. Dog owners are not permitted in the pool room to allow the staff and dogs to focus on their swimming session, however, our live Doggie-Cam provides viewing from the lobby, work or home. Dogs can comfortably enter and exit the pool at any time and take periodic rests on the pool bench. Canine Lifeguards are always in the pool and offer any assistance your dog may need during a swim session. Canine Lifeguards supervise all swimming, play and interact with fun water toys and ensure your dog is having a great swim session.  Water quality is monitored regularly throughout the day and the pool is properly cleaned after all swimming.

All Canine Lifeguards are American Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR Certified and have successfully completed the Water Safety Education Course. Our trained staff will keep your dog safe and happy during their swim session. Give your dog the benefits of SPLASH, all year round!


Private Swim Session—30 mins
1 Dog = $30
2 Dogs = $40 (same family shared session)
3 Dogs = $45 (same family shared session)

Splish Splash Group Play—30 mins
Daycare/Boarding Dogs ONLY $10 each
Our Canine Lifeguards group dogs by Small, Med and Large sizes to offer furry friends pool play time together! A great way to change up the daily routine of doggie daycare or a boarding stay and add the benefits of swimming exercise & water play.

Private Swim with Daycare/Boarding Visit—30 mins
1 Dog = $15
2 Dogs = $20 (same family shared session)
3 Dogs = $25 (same family shared session)

*Add Massage Therapy to any swim session. Check Availability to book side by side appointments.

Pool Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 10AM to 3:15PM

Wednesday: Noon to 5:30PM

Saturday: 10AM to 5:30PM









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