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Grooming & Pampering

Grooming Services Available 7 Days/Week!

The Dogtopia of Downers Grove grooming salon & spa provides a relaxing environment which reduces stress and anxiety while improving your dog's sense of well-being. At Dogtopia, it's all about the quality of time spent with your dog, individualized gentle care, and the overall experience of the visit. We achieve a stress-free and relaxing environment by providing one on one time with your dog and incorporating aromatherapy, soothing music and massaging baths to help reduce anxiety and relieve tension.

Advantages of grooming your dog in our spa transcends beyond the common grooming practice. Our personalized one on one grooming provides harmony for your pet child, taking into consideration your dog's mind, body and nature. The Dogtopia Spa uses safe, all natural grooming products as apposed to harsh chemical products that can be detrimental to your dog's health and the environment. This positive grooming experience will allow your dog to go home calm, relaxed, and very happy!  Beginning in January 2018, we will begin to upgrade our current facilities to make them even better for your pet children!

Cancellation Policy: Same day cancellations and/or no shows for a scheduled appointment are subject to a fee of $10-$20 per dog based on scheduled services.

Grooming & Pampering Services

Grooming and bathing by our certified grooming specialist will include shampoo, conditioner if needed, ear cleaning, nail trim and hair cut.  Please call for the average pricing per breed. We will quote you a price after the groomer evaluates your dog's grooming needs. 

Prices could be more or less depending on the following: how often the dog is groomed, degree of difficulty, size, and condition of coat. We use safe, all natural grooming products and DO NOT add "extras" to the cost without your prior approval.

FIRST-Time Puppy Grooming: First Puppy Grooming (bath & brush ONLY. Gets puppies used to the grooming experience)FREE first groom for puppies up to 5 months of age! Appointments Required!!

Additional Services Available
Bath and Brush only
Furminator (Helps to Reduce Shedding)
Flea Baths (10 Minute Treatment)
Skunk Treatments (10 Minute Treatment)
Special Shampoo (Medicated, Oatmeal and Hypo Allergenic)
Nail Trim
Dremmel Service (Nail Filing)
Dental Service (Tooth Brushing with Peppermint Breath Freshener)
Deep Conditioning with Aloe (10 Minute Treatment)

Our spa environment is just what your pampered pooch needs!  Call today to schedule your dog's grooming appointment and have your pet conveniently pampered all in one place, under one WOOF!

Meet Our Groomers:

Katy - Certified Groomer & Salon Manager
Katy has always loved animals and knew she wanted a career working with them.  In 2005 she started working for PetSmart where she was sent to Grooming School in 2008 to become a Certified Dog Groomer.  Anyone who knows Katy sees how much she loves grooming both Dogs and Cats.  Her passion is shown through her gentle care, understanding special circumstances and dedicating personal time to each guest.  In 2015 Katy joined our Team.  She finds grooming to be a very rewarding job especially when she can calm scared and aggressive dogs, helping them see that they are safe with her. 

Trisha - Certified Groomer
Trisha joined The Dog Spot Team in 2015 from PetSmart where she has several years grooming experience.  Her kind spirit and gentle nature allows dogs to be calm and stress free when being groomed.

Carrie - Certified Groomer
Carrie has been in the world of beauty for many years.  She comes with a background as a professional Hair Stylist and discovered her love for working with animals while she was a groomer with PetSmart.  Carrie joined our Team in 2016 and loves the stress free, relaxed environment provided for each guest.  Providing one on one personal beauty care is her specialty!


All Groomers are American Red Cross Pet First Aid Trained and Certified.





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