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Training & Obedience

Alex Brooks Canine Behavioral Center

Training is an essential part of raising and living with your canine. Our goal is to give your canine structure, manners and a consistent response to commands. This is all done with calm and patient training. Each canine is unique, therefore we address specific behaviors that your canine displays. We not only work with your canine but with you as well – teaching you to bring the best out of your dog!

Bring your dog to their full potential by learning their unique behavior and how to bring the best out of them.

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Training Programs
New Classes Begin Week of November 7th

Basic Obedience Class - Drop-in $25/dog
Wednesday's from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Heel, Down, Sit, Come, Stay, No. These are the basic commands which we feel are the foundation to having a well trained canine. We are able to teach any additional commands that you desire for your canine. Learn to live productively with a well mannered dog.

Canine Distraction Class - Drop-in $25/dog
Wednesday's from 6:30pm-7:30pm

Training your dog is a lifetime commitment. Don't stop with the basic obedience. Continue your dogs training and education with this FUN Canine Distraction Class! Distractions are introduced into each class to help your dog learn to focus, listen and abide by your command. This is a drop-in class, no registration required. Come, learn and enjoy with your dog at your convenience.

Dogs must have a basic understanding (not be perfect) of the basic commands Heel, Down, Sit, Come, Stay, No.  We recommend completing a Basic Obedience session first if your dog(s) is not skilled in these commands. 

Board & Train Program
1 Dog = $700/week
2 Dogs = $1350/week

With this program your dog stays at our facility for the desired program time. The cost of boarding is included in this training package.  During this time the trainer will work with your dog 6 days out of the week with every Sunday for a rest day and teach him/her basic obedience, work on any behavioral issues, and/or address any specific issues you may be having with your dog.  For more desired, consistent results, 2 weeks of Board & Train is recommended by the Trainer.  Refresher training and other basic training needs may be accomplished in a 1 week session. 

This program focuses on the individual needs of each dog. Obedience training also helps in calming your dog and helps give them discipline and manners. When your dog is ready to go home, we give you an hour demonstration of all that your dog has learned. Finally, you receive an hour long follow-up lesson free of charge, to review and to correct any problems you may be having. The training that your dog receives is a foundation, and it is our job to build on that foundation together to guide you and your dog towards a gratifying lifetime relationship.

50% Deposit required at check-in; balance due at check-out. Same standard boarding registration requirements apply to this program.
FREE Consultation with Trainer recommended.

Private Lessons & House Calls
Private Lessons $125
House Call $150

We offer one-on-one private training lessons with our Trainer at our facility or in the comfort of your own home. These lessons are one hour long. In private lessons we train you to train your dog and address any specific issues you may be having with your dog.

About Alex Brooks

Alex has been training dogs since the late   1970′s with an extensive background in all types of training. He was a columnist for the Daily Herald and Journal & Topics writing and answering questions on canine behavior. He has worked with local police canine units and has even trained narcotics dogs. For animal control, he does evaluations and has appeared in court as an expert witness. He also works closely with local animal shelters and rescue organizations doing volunteer work in training dogs so they are easier to place in a forever home. He trains dogs to help the physically challenged gain improved freedom, independence, and quality of life.

His canine training expertise has gained the attention of many well known sport superstars including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Tony Kukoc, Cliff Levingston, Maurice Douglas, Bobby Simmons, Antonio Davis and Jalen Rose, to name a few. Furthermore, Alex has been called to audition, and has supplied dogs for, MTV music videos, educational videos, and Home Alone 3. His expertise was sought out by The Paw Stop in New York City, were he spent many months working with them to improve their own training and behavioral program. Alex has worked closely with the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog and Kare-9 Military Ministry Dog Programs and was their keynote speaker at their National Conference 2012.

While in New York he worked with the dogs of Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Food Network Personality Scott Conant. He also worked with some of the Bernadette Peter’s rescue dogs.

Alex speaks at many dog training and behavioral seminars teaching dog owners and dog trainers all about animal behavior modification. He has been a frequent guest on the Comcast cable show Contempo, addressing many dog owner issues. He incorporates his skills as a level ll Reiki healer and Shaman Practitioner into his behavioral techniques with the dogs. He was called by Nancy Glass Production Co. to work on episodes of National Geographic Wild show “My Dog Ate What”? along with being called upon by Holistic Select Dog Food Co. to give expert training and behavioral advise to their clients.

Alex has a true passion and natural talent when working with dogs. His training programs are proven to deliver results, improving the livelihood of dogs and their owners while building a bond that lasts a lifetime.


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