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Pet Massage Therapy

For Pause LTD

Pet Massage Therapy

The Dog Spot Pet Resort is excited to offer Massage Therapy services that benefit the mind, body and soul of our furry friends.

We have partnered with Tim Davis, owner and operator of For Pause LTD.  Tim has always had a unique connection with animals and he has often been called an "Animal Whisperer."  His love for animals is partnered with a strong conviction for their health.  Trained extensively at The Chicago School of Canine Massage, Tim has the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to elevate the physical framework of our faithful friends.  For Pause LTD was founded with the belief that our four-legged family members need and deserve the benefits that massage can bring.

Schedule your dog for a massage therapy session or add a massage to any other service

General Health

15 min Pre-Groom Massage $20 (relaxing)

15 min Pre-Swim Massage $20 (stimulating to promote blood flow before exercise)
15 min Post-Swim Massage $20 (muscle recovery)
30 min Pre/Post Swim Combo Massage $35 (overall health)

15 min R&R Massage $20 (relaxing)
30 min R&R Massage $35 (relaxing)


30 min Therapeutic Massage $50 (deep tissue, especially good for injury recovery
Add 15 min Lymph-flow Detox to any massage $15 (stimulates Lymphatic fluid flow to flush toxins

Massage Therapy Hours
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm 



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